5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Event Destination

Choosing the destination for your event is one of the most crucial elements of the event planning process. The destination you choose will set the tone for the entire event – do you want somewhere motivating, somewhere calm or somewhere distraction free?  You want the destination to be both appealing to potential delegates and practical. Whether you are organising an event for clients, partners or internal employees here are our top five things to consider.

Air Connectivity

Getting your attendees to your event shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. Prioritise face-to-face time rather than travel time as participants may decide not to attend if the trip requires multiple flights, trains or buses. Consider how long it will take each guest to get to your proposed destination before making a decision.



Choosing a venue in a secondary-destination is a budget-friendly way of creating unique experiences for your guests. As long as the destination is accessible to your participants holding a corporate event in a ‘hidden gem’ can improve attendance and make your event more memorable. There are also peak and off-peak seasons in every destination and this is definitely something to keep in mind for the budget conscious planner. Consider choosing a destination with multiple activities in close proximity to the accommodation. The number of transfers to and from the airport and to off-site venues can drain your budget quickly.


First and foremost, ensure the destination can facilitate conferences and events and that there are enough hotel rooms to accommodate your delegates. Standard facilities will vary from country to country but ensure key amenities such as high-speed WiFi and phone signal are available at the destination and prepare a list of your ideal requirements before making a final decision. Read our site inspection checklist for more information on what to look for.



Consider the local temperatures for the type of event you want to organise. If you are organising an outdoor event in a country with changeable weather such as the UK or Ireland, make sure there is an alternative space available should it be raining on the day.


Uniqueness & Appeal

The uniqueness and appeal of the destination you choose for your corporate event can have a lasting impact on your delegates. Incorporating local culture, sightseeing and cuisine into your event can improve the experience for your delegates.  Giving your attendees the opportunity to experience a destination they may not ordinarily visit may also boost attendance also.



If you need help deciding where to hold your next corporate event, get in touch! We have expert venue sourcing executives around the world who know where to find the most amazing venues and can guarantee the best rates. Click here to request your free multi-destination venue proposal.

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