Europe’s Hidden Gems for Meetings, Incentive and Events

When you travel, either for business or pleasure, you will want to see the main attractions in any destination. Often though it is the amazing hidden gems that you stumble on, or the local “secret” areas that you discover that can make for an unforgettable experience. As we have 32 local offices, we asked some of our local experts in some of our favourite destinations to tell us about their favourite hidden gems in their home countries.


When you think of Malta, it’s easy to think of blue skies, old buildings and the Mediterranean Sea stretching as far as the eye can see. It is easy to get distracted by the sheer amount of history surrounding you but nestled amongst the historic surroundings is one of the teams’ favourite hidden gem.

Situated in a 17th century palazzo, that dates back to the Knights of the Order, the Domus Zamittello is a stunning heritage hotel that combines historical architecture with a luxurious setting at the entrance to the city. The beautifully restored building offers individually designed and elegantly decorated suites. With baroque style ceilings, elegant décor and furniture and views over both the Republic Street and South Street, the multi-function rooms offer a unique and historical setting. The building also has an open-air terrace that offers some of the best views over Valetta.


Austria is a country that is famous for it’s classical music and picturesque hills. Hidden in these hills is the Gastein Valley. This is a charming spot for an incentive or team event. It offers numerous hidden places. One of the’s favourite team event is the “Flying Waters”, is a thrilling ride where you hang from a steel rope. From here you can enjoy a bird’s point of view from above the beautiful valley.

You can then take part in Canyoning which brings you to Austria’s most amazing natural wonders. These can only be accessed by walking, climbing, swimming and jumping through the canyon. After this you can take part in a cosy evening event that will take place in a beautiful and rustic mountain hut called “Bellevue Alm”. Discover the excellent view from the panorama terrace and sample local tasty foods such as suckling-pig from the sunken cooking pit.

The hidden gem finishes with a charming farewell. Delegates can visit a “Hausebengut” and sample some of the local home-made agricultural produce.


Holland is a country full of many secrets and some of them are places that you can visit. Amsterdam holds many of these secrets and some of Amsterdam’s amazing hidden gems hide in plain sight. The team in have come up with some of their favourite hidden secrets. These secrets can make amazing team events or incentive experiences.

Two favourites are The Wine Celler under Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk. Located below ground at the side of a church, you can hide away and taste delicious Argentinian wine. To get here you have to wander through a cookie shop and down a winding spiral staircase into the hidden parts of the church. Similarly, you can discover ‘t Nieuwe Diep hidden in an old pump house in the middle of Flevopark in Amsterdam Ost. Here you can sample home-made jenever, beer and other refreshments.


Most people dream of visiting Italy. When they do, they generally will visit the major cities of Milan, Rome and Venice. All three of these cities are stunning, with history stretching back to the Romans, but outside these legendary cities is a hidden gem nestled away in the Southern Alps. Split between Italy and Switzerland, Lago Maggiore is truly a hidden gem of the Alps.

Lago Maggiore combines some of the best qualities of Italy with the beautiful food that Italy is famed for combing with the beauty and tranquility of the mountains and lake. It’s the perfect location for trips, congresses, conferences, small and big events and outdoor excursions. It is also located conveniently only a 1 hour drive from Milan International Airport which has fantastic connectivity.

Some of the most amazing hidden gems across the world are only discovered through locals and local knowledge. Take advantage of our local experts and request your free proposal. 


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