Europe’s Best Winter Destinations For Conferences

Winter Conference Events in Europe

As temperatures begin to drop across Europe and the Northern Hemisphere many conference and meeting planners will begin to look towards the South of Europe for winter destinations. These destinations offer milder and sunnier climates and many still retain regular direct air access from many major cities during the winter months.

Many forget that, while cooler, many major European cities come alive in the winter. For a savvy conference or meeting planner, excellent rates can be obtained during the low season for many of these destinations. We’ve put together a useful guide to inspire you with both winter sun and city destinations.

Selecting the Perfect Winter Destination

When choosing a winter destination there are a few factors you must take into consideration:

  • Where are you delegates travelling from?
  • The number of delegates attending
  • Entertainment activities during the low season

Winter Sun Destinations

Winter Sun DestinationsThere are some fantastic destinations that are fortunate to enjoy sun and mild temperatures during the winter. These destinations are extremely popular during the summer, but are perfectly prepared for winter conferences and events. Some of our favourite winter destinations are:

All of these destinations have very good infrastructure and air access for corporate conferences, meetings and events during the winter period. As these are year-round destinations many entertainment options are available during the low-season for very reasonable prices.

Winter Conference Destinations

Depending on where your delegates are travelling from, there are also some lower cost destinations that offer fantastic value along such as:

These destinations offer mild climates and stunning landscapes. These destinations will not suit all flight schedules, so opportunities to arrange conference events here will very much depend on your audience.

Winter City Destinations

If sunshine is not a priority then many of Europe’s smaller capital cities are ideal winter destinations. Many of these cities have rich histories and are famed for their winter traditions. Your delegates can be immersed in history and experience world-famous food culture. Another benefit of these smaller destinations is that the transfer time to offsite venues and locations are reasonably quick.

Dublin has been named as the third best city in the world to visit in 2016 by Lonely Planet. With a cool temperate oceanic climate, Dublin enjoys mild winters. The Irish are famed for their hospitality and enjoys a wealth of amazing venues. Copenhagen is also another fantastic winter location for corporate events. The city has an astounding 14 Michelin-star restaurants and was rated by Monocle as the Most Liveable City (2008) and The Greenest Major City in 2010.

Embrace the Chill

Copenhagen, Denmark

For those looking to combine the mountains with good air access, many cities in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland can offer some beautiful options. GenevaGrenobleMunich & Salzburg are examples of some smaller cities that offer excellent transport links and fantastic venues. Dependent on the time of year these destinations can offer amazing winter experiences for your delegates.

Grenoble offers an opportunity to bring your delegates to the Alps for a snow-capped corporate event to remember. Salzberg offers an even more unique experience of their annual festival of Krampus. With a little imagination, you can create a corporate event that your delegates will remember for years to come.

Winter Destinations

Interested in finding out more? Our local experts can provide recommendations for the most amazing destinations and venues. Get in touch today for a Free Venue Proposal. Our local teams ensure you find the most appropriate venue for your conference event, at the best rates.



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