Global Forum Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

Event: Global ForumCredit Info Logo Small Conference in Istanbul
Pax: 180
Days: 7
Conference Venue: Polat Renaissance Hotel
Gala Dinner: 1001 Columns Cistern
Client: Credit Info
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Contact: [email protected]

Services Demonstrated

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The Global Forum Conference in Istanbul

This global forum welcomed 180 international delegates for an evening of big data discussions and presentations.

 The Venue

Conference in Istanbul - Credit Info

The predominantly stone and glass venue offers incredible light for daytime events, and also offers a unique underground experience for those looking for a more culturally inspired event. The 1001 column underground water cistern dates back to the 5th century, and the Byzantine brickwork is an unforgettable masterpiece known for being the second largest historical cistern in the old town. The venue space is absolutely ideal for gala dinner events due to the grand open spaces both indoors and outdoors, offering lots of flexibility for dividing areas into sections for meetings, break-out sessions and more intimate gatherings. The large curtained area boasts an impressive dance floor and gala dinner space, ensuring a memorable and history filled event experience.

The LocationConference in Istanbul - Credit Info

The Credit Info global forum conference was hosted on the beautiful Suada Water Island off the Bosphorus shores. The transfer by boat takes only 3 minutes from the mainland, with a capacity for 200 people at a time. Learn more about Istanbul for events. 


The EntertainmentConference in Istanbul - Credit Info

Of course the space can easily be adapted to suit any style event or brand, and for the Global Forum a Cultural Turkish Fun Fair theme was the inspiration for the event. Traditional Turkish bands played a range of low tempo traditional sounds to upbeat drum sets to encourage the budding dancers in the audience. Belly dancers dressed in the time-honoured attire of beads and tassles welcomed the crowd to join them in some traditional dance performances.


Challenges & Solutions

This conference went very smoothly, and the overall response from the delegates was very positive. The team did not have a manifesto in advance of the event, so in preparation for the guest arrivals, the operations team waited at the arrivals gate with branded signs so that all delegates were welcomed upon arrival, and guided them to their shuttle buses to be taken directly to the hotels. This solution avoided any delays or confusion around scattered arrival times.

Conference in Istanbul - Credit Info


Some of the key highlights of this Istanbul event would have to be the beautiful journey by shuttle boat and the grand entrance awaiting the guests on Suada Water Island. The dining experience was a delightful collection of various cultural influences, and of course the belly-dancing entertainment ensured both an energetic and cultural atmosphere to be remembered.

Client Feedback

Our contact at Credit Info expressed her appreciation for the organisation, creativity and cultural expression that was emphasised by the team. The response of the delegates was a very positive one, and the our team certainly enjoyed working on this event too.

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