Global Product Launch Dubai

The Client: La Prairie Laboratoriesla prairie logo
Event: New Product Launch Dubai
Nº of pax: 150
Conference & Hotel Venue: Grand Hyatt Dubai
Gala Dinner Venue: Armani Oasi, Armani Hotel Dubai
Location: Dubai, UAE
Contact: [email protected]

 “the entire experience with was above my expectations and resulted in nothing short of spectacular. The team is incredible.”

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The Location

Dubai is a fabulous mosaic of modernity and tradition, a world-class business and leisure centre, with the stunning backdrop of sea and sand. Once a tranquil town of coral and gypsum huts, Dubai has grown at an exceptional rate to become one of the world’s most impressive luxury and business destinations, with the largest selection of 5 star hotels designed specifically to meet the requirements for state of the arts corporate events.

A remarkable 120km (74.5 miles) of vast artificial islands were built specifically to accommodate new beach-front hotels, and in the space of 15 years only, the Dubai Emirates airline was set-up to reach over 140 destinations worldwide. Not to mention the Burja Khalifa, the world’s tallest and most lavish hotel situated in the heart of the city.

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Dubai City View

Dubai City View

The Venues

The Grande Hyatt Dubai Hotel is a stunning venue with two magnificent ballrooms and 17 meeting rooms, a gala dinner capacity for 1,500 people, or reception capacity for up to 3,000 people. With 674 bedrooms available, this venue is ideal for larger events and conferences, but also suitable for multiple small scale meetings and events.

This venue is a perfect merge between accommodation, event space, holiday resort, and landscape gardens across thirty seven acres. Within minutes from the best of Dubai’s shopping districts, entertainments areas, the financial districts, and the airport, making it an ideal venue for your next event.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai

Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai


The second gala dinner event was held in the elegant tranquillity of the Armani Oasi Hotel. With the minimalistic décor of grey marble and muted dark tones, the fully equipped state of the art presentation systems, and meeting rooms with a capacity of 600, the Armani Oasi Hotel is a stunning venue for any size event.

Armani Oasi Hotel Dubai

Armani Oasi Hotel Dubai


With a large number of stakeholders involved in the event, and multiple venues on the itinerary, it would not be uncommon for companies to struggle with the cultural and language issues that often arise in destination event management.


The local team have very strong relationships with the venues and suppliers throughout Dubai, allowing for seamless communication with all involved. A strong commitment to efficient team work, clear communication, an understanding of the local cultures, as well as business practices were vital elements to the success of this event.


There were some key experiences throughout the 3 day event that stood out and left a memorable impact on the delegates, guests and the organisers. Particular attention to detail was given to the various themes of the gala dinners throughout the few days, such as the beach dinner, desert dinner and the very elegant farewell dinner. The décor for each event was stunning and a perfect fit for the audience and context of the products being launched. The culinary experience was unforgettable, not to mention the incredible views of the tallest building in the world.

Camel Ride in the Desert Dubai

Camel Ride in the Desert Dubai

Client Feedback

The La Prairie team were very happy with the quality of services offered. Here is what our contact at La Prairie had to say after the event.

“The meeting was very well organized and the team was excellent. They had obviously worked many meetings and events like ours previously and were happy to help at all hours day and night. The team was impressive and supportive and proved to be an excellent resource. Our events were extraordinary. Our guests were thrilled, enjoying the attention to detail.”

Global Product Launch Dubai

The event lasted 3 days, and the focus was on bringing the sales teams together for corporate meetings, and exhibiting the new range of products in the La Prairie portfolio. Cultural activities and entertainment such as traditional Arabic belly dancing, a camel walk through the desert and a fire performance was also included to ensure a memorable experience for all the quests.

Rooftop Bar Dubai

Rooftop Bar Dubai

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