Sony Ericsson UK – Hilton Hotel Athens, Greece

Nº of pax: 250Sony Ericsson Logo - Hilton Hotel Athens
Nº of Days: 4
Venue Name: Athens Hilton Hotel
Location: Athens, Greece
Contact: [email protected]

Hilton Hotel Athens™ was chosen by Sony Ericsson UK to organize their Annual Marketing Conference. Athens Hilton Hotel was the ideal conference hotel Athens for this event, and the off-site locations also contributed to the successful of the meeting.™ managed the Conference and the Social Program including a spectacular Gala Dinner event at the Balux complex, a unique beach resort venue. The entire complex was booked exclusively. Guests enjoyed drinks, food and a fun night by the beach side of Athens city.

Reasons to Choose Athens for your next Conference

Athens, the largest city of Greece, offers a broad range of facilities for Conferences and Corporate Meetings. With 493 Hotels providing more than 16,000 bedrooms, it is not surprising that Athens hosts some of the biggest and most successful International Conferences in Europe. Learn more

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Hilton Hotel Athens

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