Thoratec Symposium Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

Nº of pax: 200Conference in Prague
Nº of Days: 3
Venue Name: InterContinental Hotel Prague
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Contact: Isabella @ [email protected]

Thoratec Symposium Conference in Prague

Thoratec Europe Ltd. called on to organise their inaugural European Symposium. Bringing this event to Europe from the US for the first time was a huge undertaking for the team, and also made all the more challenging by a short 5 month lead time. After looking at a number of locations, they decided to hold their conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

The local™ team quickly identified suitable conference venues across Europe, and Thoratec decided to hold the conference at the InterContinental Hotel in Prague. Once the conference venue confirmed, the team focused on sourcing a memorable venue for the Gala Dinner at the convent of St. Agnes, situated on the right bank of Vltava in Prague’s Old Town. This historic former church was the perfect venue for the Gala Dinner.

Challenges & Solutions

2 days prior to the event taking place, Eyjafjallajökull, in Iceland, erupted sending plumes of volcanic ash into the atmosphere. As the volcanic ash cloud descended, air travel right across Europe was disrupted. Utilising extensive experience in the events industry, the™ team were able to launch the emergency plan that they had prepared. This minimised any direct impact on the event. The Inaugural European Thoratec Symposium was a resounding success and set a very high standard for future events.

Why Hold Your Conference in Prague?

Prague is known as the City of Hundred Spires. The city, on the banks of the Vltava River, is world famous and ranks among one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city has far more to offer though than just beauty. Prague is home to some of the best conference and events venues in Europe, with a long history in hosting a variety of international meetings.


Prague has long been known as a crossroad of some of the most important trading routes of Europe. Historically it was a meeting point of multiple cultures. Today its location in the heart of Europe makes Prague easily accessible to travellers from right across the globe. Václav Havel Airport Prague offers flights from 66 airlines to over 154 destinations in 51 countries. An extensive motorway network also links Prague to other major European Cities.

Value for Money

While Prague is famous for its amazing hospitality and excellent infrastructure, it offers world-class services at a reasonable price. Prague offers over 42,000 rooms that can accommodate up to 92,000 people. Using our network of existing relationships with existing suppliers, we can guarantee the best rates across a range of high and comprehensive services.

Learn more about Prague as an event destination.

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