Combining Business with Leisure in Japan

With a skyline of Buddhist temples and sparkling skyscrapers, Japan is an intriguing destination for your next business event. The Asian nation has a lot to offer, mixing the old and the new, peace with chaos, Japan is sure to please the bleisure seekers in your business. Japan is playing host to the 2019 Rugby world cup and the 2020 Summer Olympics putting Japan in the spotlight as a destination for large events. Four large international airports connect Japan with the world and an efficient rail system makes getting around Japan a breeze. Our expert venue sourcing executives at have listed the top four business and leisure destinations in Japan for 2019.



Tokyo is one of the world’s largest metropolitan cities, also known as the city of contrasts with neon skyscrapers and historic temples. The epicentre of business in Japan is also one of the world’s most mobile,  with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, it’s home to many of the world’s largest corporations’ headquarters. Tokyo also boasts the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world, ensuring you’ll provide your attendees with dining experiences to remember.

One of Tokyo’s most modern hotels, The Mandarin Oriental boasts panoramic views high above the glittering city making it a venue that is sure to impress your guests. The hotel has 157 high standard rooms, 21 luxury suites, 14 meeting spaces and a grand ballroom suitable for large parties and gala dinners. In between meetings and networking events, Tokyo also offers unique experiences for corporate gatherings such as the ‘Amazing Race’. Delegates break into groups, receive mysterious Japanese scrolls with clues and start their missions. They’ll come across just about everything from robots to shrines. The number of challenges completed and finish times all determine who will win – it’s a unique way to see the city and bond as a team.


Renowned for its cuisine, Osaka is quickly becoming a major foodie destination. The city is so fond of food its locals have coined the expression ‘kuidaore’ (to eat oneself to ruin). Osaka, the second most populous city in Japan is also well known for its lively nightlife and friendly locals. Osaka is easily accessible through Kansai airport and Osaka International, making Osaka a refreshing alternative to Tokyo. Find the perfect blend of business and pleasure at Garden Oriental Hotel, Osaka. The prestigious building contains a traditional tea-ceremony room and a seasonally changing garden for your delegates to wander and relax after meetings.

After a hectic day, treat your delegates to an unforgettable evening exploring the epicentre of Osaka’s food culture, Dotonbori,  – from street-side ramen bars to Wagyu beef – your guests can experience all the culinary delights that Japan has to offer.




A far cry from the bustling streets of Tokyo and Osaka, Okinawa has sun-kissed beaches, clear water and coral reefs for your delegates to explore. Japans’ southernmost point is perfect for blesuire trips offering scuba diving and snorkelling for groups. Just a three-hour flight from Tokyo, Okinawa is a beautiful destination to unwind in.



Okinawa can also offer one of the most unique venues in Japan – Gangala Cave. The natural limestone cave can accommodate dinner parties, seminars and live music events ensuring your event is as spectacular as the destination.




Kyoto, also known as the city of culture is one of the best-preserved cities in Japan and holds 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites including temples, shrines, palaces and Japanese gardens. The city of culture moves at a slower pace to the rest of Japan, making it an authentic and educational blesuire destination. Where guests can experience the peaceful side of Japan.


Kyoto may move at a slower pace to the rest of Japan, but it also offers luxurious accommodation. Kyoto is also home to the Hyatt Regency located in the culturally rich area of Higashiyama Shichijo and provides world-class service and state of the art meeting rooms.

End your corporate getaway by aligning body, spirit and mind in a traditional Japanese temple. The excursion offers a guided tour of the temple grounds, a master class in Japanese sword combat followed by Zen meditation in Yukata robes.




Japan is a world-class business destination known for its professionalism and hospitality.  From high-tech city experiences to tranquil and peaceful getaways our experts at can create the most wonderful Japanese experience for your delegates.


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