Why Choose France?

Ease of arrival

There are international flights to a dozen different French airports. France lies at the heart of Europe and its Paris airports are main points of entry into Europe, with direct flights from all the continents of the world. France is just six and a half hours from the east coast of the US. Ferries serve France and its islands from Ireland, Britain, Spain, Italy and further afield. An impressive road and rail network ensures ready and easy access to your final destination, while a myriad of internal flights are also available.


Selection of venues

France has an astonishing collection of top-class city-centre hotels, idyllic rural chateaux and maisons d’époque, all designed to cater for the comfort and necessities of your meeting or conference.

The People

Through the years, France’s stamp on western civilization has left an indelible mark in many domains and French savoir-faire remains a reference in the arts, politics, gastronomy, fashion and science domains. The French people uphold this civilization in their everyday life, and their behaviour is always exquisitely stylish, with a touch of je ne sais quoi! The French are a festive bunch, with many cities hosting music, dance, theatre, cinema or art events each year, while prominent national days are May Day when people trade gifts of muguet (lily of the valley) for good luck; and Bastille Day, the national celebration of the people.



Not large by North American standards (about the size of the state of Texas), France is nonetheless extremely diverse: it concentrates a wealth of scenery, regional identities each with their own particular joie de vivre defined by cultural and historic differences. Choose between Paris, the world’s most romantic city, or the sunny climes of Corsica and Provence, or the Celtic wilds of Brittany, and up to the snowy peaks of the Alps. The country offers a spectacular variety of scenery, from the mountain ranges of the Alps and Pyrénées, to the attractive river valleys of the Loire, Rhône and Dordogne, and the flatter countryside in Normandy and along the Atlantic coast.


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