About Germany

Capital: Federal Republic of Germany
Area: 357,021 sq km
Population: 82.39 million
Capital City: Berlin
Language: German / English Spoken in all major Cities

Germany’s weather is primarily temperate. Berlin’s temperature, for example, is more moderate than you might expect, the lowest average low occurs in January at 26 degrees F. The highest high occurs in July and August at 73 degrees F. There is measurable precipitation (wet days), more than half the days of the year.

Germany is a good place to go in summer, when Italy, France and Spain swelter. But the best time to go to southern Germany may well be autumn, when the colors are brightest and the wine is being harvested. This is the time for festivals celebrating wine and the harvest.

Germany is located in the centre of Europe. It forms a bridge between maritime West of Europe and the continental East, between the warmer South and the cool North. Germany is a triad of mountain ranges, uplands and low-land plains – the Bavarian Alps in the South, the pleasant wooded mountains of the Mittelgebirge in the centre of the country and the low country along the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts in the North.

Time zone:
In Germany, clocks are set to Central European time. From the end of March to the end of October (summertime) they are put forward one hour. 

Electrical Current:
The voltage is 230V.

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