rotterdamRotterdam is Holland‘s second largest city and is known for its sophisticated and cosmopolitan character. It is an entirely modern city, devastated during World War II, and has since become a prototype for a post-war European city experimenting with new urban architectural styles.

Located on the Maas River, Rotterdam is the world’s largest port. The city offers some of the most stunning modern architecture and delightful culture. There is an abundance of attractions, festivals and museums. The city has a swinging, young city culture. The people of Rotterdam keep their eyes firmly focused on the present and the future, but without forgetting the past. Over the past number of years the city has transformed itself – it is now a leading multicultural destination, with cutting-edge attractions and buzzing with energy. It really gives you a thrilling glimpse of major cities in the future.

Rotterdam is extremely multicultural and has many different types of cuisine and restaurants and pubs, while department stores, trendy, funky stores, and exclusive boutiques and galleries offer a wide variety of products, designer furniture, imported wares and fashion. The “Lijnbaan”, famous for being Europe’s very first (1960) pedestrian shopping district, is still Rotterdam’s main shopping street.

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