Hotel Site Inspection Check-list

Site Inspection Check-list for Corporate Events

A step-by-step guide to a hotel site inspection for corporate events

The Travel Industry Dictionary defines a hotel site inspection as “a visit to a hotel property or other establishment for the purpose of evaluation”. The site inspection check-list can vary from venue-to-venue and will be inspired by standards and facilities required for your event. It’s important to have a clear vision of what is needed for your site visit.

As Cornelius Fichtner said “Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal”.  We advise you to prepare a list of your ideal requirements along with your site inspection check-list, to record and grade the appropriateness of the venue. Below is a check-list often used for hotel site inspections.

General Site Inspection Check-List

  • Location: Distance between hotel and airport/city, and how accessible is it? What are the transport options, information (timetables, cost)?
  • Staff: Is it understaffed? Are they helpful and friendly? Can they speak the same language as the guests?
  • Bedrooms: What is the hotels capacity, type of rooms, and amount of rooms?
  • Meeting Space: Number of meeting spaces or areas available and their capacity? Is there breakout areas? Is there appropriate equipment and furniture for presentations, room layouts and exhibitions?
  • Food & Beverages: How is the service? What is quality of the food? Do they cater for specific dietary needs? Do they have group offering for meals, buffets and breaks?
  • Bank: What payment methods are accepted by the venue? Where is the nearest bank or ATM?
  • Facilities: Is there a fitness centre, pool, spa, or smoking area? Is there a restaurant or breakfast room? Is there a gift shop? What are the opening hours?
  • Details: What is the Wi-Fi speed? Are there many elevators? How is the lighting, air conditioning, heating, toilets, and signage?
  • Services: What services are provided? Is there laundry, room-service, a late bar, shuttle service, etc.?
  • Local Attraction & Restaurants: What attractions, activities and restaurants are in the area? Is there transport to and from? Cost?
  • Nearby Hotels: Are there more hotels nearby for guest on various budgets, or booking overflows?
  • Cancellation Policies:  Is there late check-out fees? What are the cancellation policies?
  • Added cost: Is there hidden costs, added taxes, or late fees?
  • Review Rating: Check the venues reviews online, such as Trip Advisor and Yelp. Are there any recurring complaints?
  • Safety & Security: Are the health and safety standards met?
  • Architecture & Decor: Is the hotel aesthetically pleasing? Is the hotel well maintained and recently refurbished? Are the outdoor areas well-maintained?
  • Event Flow:  What atmosphere surrounds the venue? Is there an easy flow from the welcome at the lobby, through networking areas, live presentations, and on to the main event? Do guests have to wonder between areas to experience the event?

It is important to remember that your client’s criteria should be noted before the site inspection. While your first site inspection can be a daunting task, venue-finding service providers like offer supported site-inspection services with our local venue-finding experts. Click here to contact us today.

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