Why Choose Hungary?

budapestEase of arrival
Hungary’s international airport is Budapest Ferihegy Airport.

MALÉV Hungarian Airlines flights arrive at and depart from Ferihegy 2A. Flights of other airline companies arrive at and depart from Ferihegy 2B. General Aviation Terminal 2B is open also non-stop for private, business and VIP flights as well as low-cost flights. Budapest is serviced daily by all major European countries.

Budapest has two international airport terminals. There are Eurocity and Intercity trains connecting the most important European cities and the main Hungarian towns with Budapest. Luxury passenger boats can sail on river Danube. Budapest is connected with Vienna by motorway. Lake Balaton, the Puszta and northern Hungary can also be reached by motorway.

Selection of venues

Hungary offers good quality of support and infrastructure for the meeting and conference planner. Most International hotel companies offer some excellent properties in Budapest and its surrounding areas. In addition the destination offers some unique and high quality local venues supported by easy access and a high quality of cuisine and service.

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