milanMilan is a city doing business and is ranked as one of the EU’s most important business & finance hubs. Shaping up to host Expo 2015, Milan possesses all the essentials of a top international conference city.

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More about Milan

The city of Milan is more than 2500 years old. Its location determined its great strategic importance, attracting every European conqueror or ruler. Little is left of the city’s past glory, as on three occasions Milan has been totally or partially destroyed by war. Visiting Milan, one cannot miss the Duomo, a Gothic cathedral built in 1386, which is the symbol of Milan. Beside the Duomo, stands the Royal Palace, a fine example of Neo-classical architecture. La Scala, the most important opera house in the world, is also located in Milan. The museum, attached to the opera house, boasts valuables, such as the Verdian collection.

Industrial Milan is a hive of activity and enterprise.The capital of fashion, luxury, and business, always displays its artistic, historic and cultural heritage with a certain shyness. For the attentive visitor it can also show itself to be a hospitable and welcoming city, without grandeur or showiness. Tourists visiting the Lombard capital are very naturally struck by the traditional promenade along Corso Vittorio Emanuele or in Montenapo’ and Via della Spiga, by the pleasure-seeking atmosphere of society night-life, by the poetry of certain views of art-nouveau palazzos and windows. Little architectural jewels are to be discovered in every corner. Milan also increasingly attracts Italian and foreign visitors to a series of not-to-be-missed events: fashion shows, trade fairs, major sports- and cultural events. Milan manages to renew itself continually, in pace with the concerns and desires of its inhabitants.

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