Why Choose Italy?

milanEnvironment and quality make Italy a perfect destination for the traveler and businessperson. The tradition of the Grand Tour, encouraged by the Enlightenment in the 18th century and by the rich bourgeoisie during the following century, has now become accessible to everyman, and tourism is one of Italy’s most important industries. People visit Italy in the 21st century for the same reasons they have always done so: the variety of things to do and see, the places to visit, and the people to meet.

Getting to Italy
The two main airports in Rome are: Fiumicino (FCO) and Ciampino (CIA), and the two main airports in Milan are: Linate (LIN) and Malpensa (MXP). Other cities include: Naples (NAP), Turin (TRN), Venice (VCE), Genova (GOA), Bologna (BLG), Pisa (PSA), Palermo (PMO), Catania (CTA), Cagliari (CAG), Alghero (AHO), Ancona (AOI), Bari (BRI), Bergamo (BGY), Brindisi (BDS), Lamezia Terme (SUF), Perugia (PEG), Pescara (PSR), Reggio Calabria (REG), Trieste (TRS), Verona (VRN). Every airport has bus/train and taxi connections with their nearby towns.

Ease of arrival
There are international flights to nearly two dozen different Italian airports. Northern Italy is a two hour flight from London or Amsterdam and seven hours from the east coast of the US. There are several flights a day to both Rome and Milan from all the major North-American airports, while an extensive network of internal flights means one is never far from his final destination. Italy also makes extensive use of passenger and car ferries to reach the large islands of Sicily and Sardinia, as well as the numerous smaller islands along the peninsula. Italy can also be reached by water from Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Albania and North Africa.

Selection of venues

Participants at conventions in any region of Italy find fully-equipped centers and beautiful venues, often in particularly prestigious places, which are efficiently organized. Italy is unique in offering so many options for venues. In addition to the traditional convention centers and big hotels with congress facilities, one can choose from a wide range of old palaces, castles, historic residences, resorts, magnificent villas and country estates, set in Italianate grounds with fountains, lakes and sculpted gardens.

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