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Malta ChurchFacts

Official Name: Republic of Malta
Capital: Valletta
System of Government: Democracy
Area: 246 sq Km
Estimated Population: 423,282

Land and Climate

The largest of the islands is Malta followed by Gozo and then Comino, area 67 sq kilometres and 3 sq kilometres respectively. Malta has neither mountains nor rivers and the islands are characterised by a series of low hills with terraced fields. The shoreline, which is 137 kilometres long, has many bays and harbours, with a good selection of small sandy beaches and rocky coves. Malta is comparatively low lying, the highest point being about 239 m (785 ft) above sea level.

With temperatures averaging 14C in winter and 32C in the summer months, Malta offers a warm and mild climate throughout most of the year. The hottest months are from the mid July to mid September, but the high temperatures are generally tempered by the cool sea breezes.

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The People

The Maltese nation reflects the many nationalities that have settled here over the centuries and many family names reflect their origins – particularly Italian, British and French, but almost all would consider themselves to be truly Maltese. Due to this mix of cultures, the Maltese are a boisterous nation, with a flair for style and class, who enjoy life through hard work and plenty of leisure time amongst friends and family.

Food and Drink

Maltese cooking is mostly Mediterranean in style, and is the result of centuries of different influences which have been fused together to create the symphony of flavours making up the Maltese cuisine. While many restaurants are famed for their fresh fish dishes, the kind of cooking found in Maltese homes is simple and distinctive with all making use of fresh produce available daily.

Maltese wines have grown in popularity and quality over the past couple of years, especially those from the three major wineries: Marsovin, Meridiana and Delicata. Beer has been brewed with great success locally for many decades and Cisk Lager, HopLeaf and Blue Label, all produced by Farsons Brewery, match any brewed beer in Europe.

Malta Coast

Language and Religion

There are two official languages in Malta: English, which is widely spoken, and Maltese which is Semitic (although its alphabet and grammatical structure are derived from Latin).

The Maltese are predominantly Roman Catholic, the tangible evidence of which are the magnificent cathedrals and churches that are the hubs and pride of every town and village.


Malta follows Central European Time, which is one hour ahead of GMT.


Malts is in the European Union, and the official currency used is Euro (€).

Electrical Current

The voltage is 240 Volts AC (50 hertz) with most properties having 3-pin plugs.

Opening Hours

Shops are generally open Monday to Saturday 09.00am to 07.00pm with most having a closed lunch period between 01.00pm and 04.00pm. Many supermarkets in towns and villages remain open over this lunch period.

VAT and Tax Refund

With reference to VAT refunds, the Government considers refunds on VAT paid out on Conference Business on the following: accommodation; transfers airport/hotel/airport; food and drink in hotels which form part of an accommodation package; food and drink during a conference like coffee breaks, mineral water, lunches; technical equipment used during a conference; security services in hotel and use of technicians; services of hostesses at the airport and/or at conference venue; telephone services or services/use of internet; hire of conference/syndicate rooms for conferences; electricity supply.

The company abroad has to send in an application which they can receive after having sent an email to [email protected] The company in question will then receive a form entitled: “Application for refund of value added tax by a business person not registered in Malta”. This will have to be sent to the VAT department with copies of all invoices including proforma invoices, credit notes, final invoice etc. also attaching the payments sent to the local DMC. The VAT department will contact the local DMC, visit him to verify amounts of invoice and the payments sent. It is only after they are satisfied that the group in question was a bone fide conference that they will consider a refund. The refund is then calculated as a percentage on the sector pertaining to the accommodation of the conference and services taken in the hotel.

Cities/ Destinations Offered

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