Why Choose Portugal?

Ease of arrival
There are international flights daily to Portugal’s major airport in Lisbon. Lisbon is a two and a half hour flight from London or Amsterdam and seven hours from the east coast of the US. There are direct flights to Lisbon from some North-American airports, while Porto and Faro are served by other European capitals.

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Selection of venues
Participants at conventions in any region of Portugal find fully-equipped centers and beautiful venues, often in particularly prestigious places, which are efficiently organized. In addition to the traditional convention centers and big hotels with congress facilities, one can choose from a wide range of old palaces, castles, historic residences, and resorts, set in magnificent rural and seaside locations.

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The History
An independent kingdom since 1143, Portugal established its continental frontiers in 1297 and is one of the oldest nations in Europe. Situated on the west side of the Iberian Peninsula, its geographic location along the Atlantic coast has determined its relationship with the sea. In 1415, the Portuguese set sail on an epic voyage that would make them the first to discover the ocean routes to India, Brazil, China and Japan, and at the same time founded settlements on the east and west coasts of Africa.

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The People
Traces of this worldwide historic presence may be felt even today in the Portuguese psyche. Portuguese became one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, while the Portuguese people were exposed to many different civilizations and cultures. The vast monumental, artistic and archaeological heritage of modern Portugal is a tribute not only to its seafaring, but also to the many ancient tribes which settled on its shores, including Celts, Romans and Moors.

Portugal is a sunny country, with all the ensuing natural advantages. It has diverse geographic features, from green river valleys, to dry inland ranges, through to white sandy beaches on the shores of the Atlantic. An ideal place for playing golf, due to its mild weather conditions, Portugal is a year-round destination.


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