La Rioja

The autonomous region of La Rioja borders the Basque Country and Navarre in the north, Aragon in the east, and Castile and Leon in the south and west. La Rioja is a very important communications hub in the Iberian Península.

La Rioja 1

It is a major trading route between the Mediterranean coast and Aragon for the north of Spain. The infrastructure is blessed with dual carriageways and fast roads. In La Rioja you will get to know people, traditions and regions that are have been influenced since antiquity by the wine-growing tradition. Slight hills and innumerable vineyards raise along the river Ebro. On the horizon appear the rugged rocks of the Sierra de Cantabria – far away from mass tourism.

La Rioja

La Rioja offers everything one requires for a culinary adventure. One can sample the delicious food of the best restaurants and learn more about the production, quality and storage of the famous Rioja-wine. The cultural highlights include the numerous monasteries and churches of the region as well as the pilgrim places of the Santiago pilgrim trail that crosses La Rioja. The capital Logroño, for example, was already pointed out in the “Codex Calixtinus” of the 12th century – the first written guide of the Santiago pilgrim trail

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