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7 Reasons To Choose Greece For Your Next Event

While famous for its history and culture, Greece also has modern infrastructure and some amazing conference and event venues. venuesworld.com put together our top 7 reasons to choose Greece for your next conference or event. When most people think of Greece they think of the sunny Mediterranean climate, but the country has a lot more to offer than just this.


Discover Singapore’s most amazing venues

Singapore is a small country, with a big reputation for business conferences and events. Year on year Singapore wins multiple awards and accolades for being one of the world’s top business event destinations. Having undergone rapid economic growth over the past 50 years, Singapore is one of the worlds most technologically advanced destinations with a highly developed economy.

Angela Lindstrom

venuesworld.com Welcomes Angela Lindstrom to our Sales Team

venuesworld.com are delighted to welcome Account Executive, Angela Lindstrom, to the Sales team. Angela has several years experience in the hospitality industry and joins us from Radisson Blu Hotel where she worked in the Meeting & Events department. 

travelling on a vegan diet

World Vegan Month – Business travelling on a vegan diet

Whether you are choosing to commit to the vegan lifestyle for health or ethical reasons, or if you are curious to learn how to go about incorporating vegan meals gradually into your diet, Azra is here to answer a few of our questions, and share her experience and advice on how to business travel on a vegan diet.

clothes folding hack

Tetris Packing – Clothes Folding Hacks for More Space and Less Creasing

The venuesworld.com are constantly on the go – from site-inspections to events, we travel a lot, so our hand luggage packing and clothes folding hacks have become rituals we can do with our eyes closed! Here are a few packing …

carry-on luggage

It’s in the Bag! – How to choose the right carry-on luggage

If you are planning on travelling a lot, you will thank yourself for investing in a well-designed light weight bag. Don’t make the common mistake of choosing a stylish, hard-shelled bag with all the bows and whistles, but unable to …

networking event venuesworld.com business card

Network Like a Boss – A guide to networking events

Networking for your business is a vital element to success in your industry. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities to meet new clients, and build alliances with potential partners and suppliers. Not everyone is a natural social butterfly, so here …

Business Travel Essentials Brunton

Business Travel Essentials

Battery power is at the top of the priority list when it comes to business travel essentials, but multiple cables and battery chargers can quickly fill up your hand luggage and a power outlet is not always available when on the move. The Birksun charging backpack solves this problem in a nutshell. All your devices can be charged in your bag as you travel, and the bag itself continues to charge via solar panels on the top of the bag. For the less sunny days, you can charge your backpack before your trip using the wall plug. Genius!

Conference Planning

Conference Planning – How to Choose the Ideal Location for your International Conference Event

Conference planning can be daunting. So our team here at venuesworld.com are here to offer you a few tips and tricks to finding that ideal location. First, we recommend you break the project into bite size objectives. Here, we will …

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