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Top 5 Spooktacular Destinations in Europe

With records stretching back as far as 4th Century B.C., many places in Europe have recorded incidences with the paranormal. Some places, even to this day, still claim to encounter paranormal activities. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal or a complete sceptic, it can be fascinating to learn about these, not only spooky, but simply amazing stories.

venuesworld.com has compiled this list, provided by our local experts in different countries, in time for Halloween of our “Top 5 Spooktacular Destinations in Europe”.

Top Conference Venues Dublin

Dublin is a small city in comparison with many of its other European counterparts but is listed as one of the Top 20 cities worldwide for hosting conferences. With the combination of excellent air access, fantastic conference venues and a world renowned hospitality culture, Dublin is the ideal conference destination.

Conference in Dublin - Pink Skyline

Dublin Conference Venue – Winter Offer

Attention all event planners: FREE 4* & 5* meeting room hire in Dublin. Based on a Dublin Conference minimum of 200 bed nights guaranteed, complimentary plenary session hire and a 10% discount on accommodation rates, subject to availability. Get in touch today so not to miss this fantastic opportunity! For all short lead events, this could be the solution for your upcoming winter event!

women returning to work

Dress for Success Dublin – Supporting women returning to work

venuesworld.com are very proud to support Dress for Success Dublin as they offer advice, support and clothes to women returning to work, or looking to start their career with confidence and style. As the seasons are changing from Spring to Summer, …

Smock Alley Dublin

Event Marketing Industry Tips

It is glaringly obvious to state that the world we live in today is very much an ever changing digital world. However for some reason, we still insist on putting the word ‘digital’ before almost any work term that involves technological systems, which is almost all of them! And as we rapidly power through innovative game changing technologies, not everyone is taking advantage of these wonderful, time saving, cost saving, and often entertaining tools. The conference organised by SoolNua and hosted by Padraig Gilligan and Patrick Delaney focused on the three important concepts of growth and effectiveness in an ever growing, ever changing economy of the digital age: event marketing technology, strategy, and execution. With some added yoga positions for health and balance!

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