Antalya is one of the most breath-taking places of Turkey because of its spectacular location between the Taurus Mountains rising to 3086 meters just behind the coastline and the sparkling Mediterranean. It is accepted as a brilliant jewel surrounded by Termessus, Side, and Aspendos, the ancient cities of history and legend.


Antalya is set amid an amazing scenery of sharp contrasts: the pine clad Taurus Mountains sweep down to the sparkling clear sea, forming an irregular coastline of rocky headlands and secluded coves. The region, bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year, is a paradise of sunbathing, swimming, hunting, caving and of water sport activities. Important historical sites await your discovery amid a landscape of pine forests, olive and citrus groves, and palm, avocado and banana plantations.


This area has been inhabited since the earliest times. The odest artefacts found in the Karain caves, 25 km from Antalya, have been dated to the Palaeolithic period. Antalya as a city, however, is not as old as many other cities which once lined this coast but is still prospering while the older cities are dead. Founded by Attalus II of Pergamum in the first century BC, the city was named Attaleia after its founder. When the Pergamene kingdom was willed to Rome, Attaleia became a Romen city. Emperor Hadrian visited here in 130 AC and a triumphal arch (Hadrianus Kapisi) was built in this honour. The bizantynes took over from the Romens. In 1207 the Seljuk Turks based in Konya took the city from the Byzantines and gave Antalya a new version of its name, and also its symbol, The Yivli Minare (Grooved Minaret). After the Mongols broke Seljuk power, Antalya was held for a while by the Turkish Hamidogullari emirs. It was later taken by the Ottomans in 1391.

Waterfall Duden at Antalya

Typically Mediterranean, Antalya spends hot and dry summers and pleasantly warm spring and fall.
Winters are mild but rainy.
Min/max temperatures in C/F :
January and February 9-13/18-39, March 11-14/33-42, April 18-21/54-64, May 21-23/63-69, June 21-29/63-87, July and August 25-35/75-105, October 16-23/48-69, November and December 9-13/18-39.

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