Why Choose Turkey?

A Gateway to a World of Possibilities…
Located at the junction of Europe & Asia, Turkey is a superb venue for meetings and events. Turkey offers a vast variety of first class hotel accommodation and conference facilities, easy access to major cities worldwide, beautiful settings and unique sightseeing destinations. Among European Centers, Turkey is an ideal destination: exotic but conveniently close by.

Istanbul_Bosphorus More than a meeting place of continents…
Turkey is a meeting place, not just on account of its geographical location but also for economic, cultural and historical reasons. All through history major trade routes linking Europe, Asia and Africa have passed through Anatolia. This area where for thousands of years different cultures have met, became a synthesis of all the many civilizations that have travelled down those same routes. It is therefore no surprise to see that present day Turkey follows exactly the same pattern.
With its diverse landscapes, lifestyles and spirit of synthesis, Turkey links Europe to Asia. Different religions have co-existed in Turkey for hundreds of years, and the country is one of the rare examples where people with different beliefs have lived peacefully side by side. Turkish culture combines ancient artefacts, a living folklore and a modern soul. Every region in Turkey has its own charms. The visitor can enjoy a range of lifestyles, from unspoiled nature to urban living, while still missing out on none of the facilities of a well developed tourism industry.

Istanbul_Galata Tower

Traditional Turkish hospitality and numerous opportunities of entertainment and sightseeing guarantee resounding success in any meeting organized in Turkey. Apart from oriental and ancient splendor, the country is a spicy maelstrom of history knocking up against the present, the present bursting out all over the place, and the future peering back at the posse.

Turkey’s central location makes it the optimum incentive destination for large scale, meetings, incentives and conventions.
Istanbul, the commercial and business center of Turkey, embraces two continents: Europe and Asia. The ancient city’s unique combination of historical sights and excellent conference facilities make it an ideal destination for prolific and stimulating congresses and meetings.

Izmir_Ephesus Library

With the traces and colors of thousands of years of cultural accumulation these lands embrace at any moment the mystery of the past through the existence of the statues of gods and goddesses, temples, theaters, agoras, churches, mosques, medresseh, palaces and caravanserais.

There, time becomes a prayer
Turkey is one of the places on earth where several religions were born. There are many significant religious sites and centers scattered throughout Asia Minor. Yet, more important is the fact that Turkey is a country where the members of many religions and beliefs live together. Thus, it is a place where the teachings of all religions that praise human values are brought to life. In this way, Turkey is a prayer in harmony with all religions, calling for people’s happiness and welfare.


There, time becomes colors
Turkey is a country where all the colors find definition. Here, nature means diversity. Mountain and plain, forest and wilderness, sun and snow… Contrasts turn into fascinating forms of beauty. Surrounded with the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea from three directions, Turkey generously offers 8000km of beautiful shores.

There, time becomes light
Turkey is also a country of light. Every object that light shines upon at every moment of the day finds a reflection in the eye and the spirit in different forms. Light symbolizes illumination and beauty. And perhaps for this reason, watching the sunrise on Mount Nemrut has become a tradition over hundreds of years. The light is the blessing of Turkey’s plains, it illuminates the caravan traveling from dreams to the world. It most often turns into a mirage that you want to capture and follow. It turns into a golden phosphorescence glimmering on the sea along the extending coasts.

Istanbul_Maiden's Tower (Leander's Tower)

There, time becomes history
There, time transcends into history. Time gains meaning with people. Because of its geographical location, the mainland, Anatolia, has witnessed the mass migration of diverse peoples shaping the course of history. Twenty-four fascinating civilizations render Turkey the heir of 10.000 years old history, which has still been examined for further ancient secrets to be brought up into daylight.

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