California is a year-round travel destination, with weather that will please everyone from snowbirds to sun worshippers. California offers fantastic options for the Conference Organizer with the key cities of San Francisco and San Diego ranking high as preferred destinations. Contact the team at [email protected] to get a free tailored proposal for your next Conference.

Most leisure tourists visit California between mid-June and August. It’s summertime! Summer in California is undeniably delicious, but there are some things to consider: The state’s top attractions and parks can be very crowded with visitors paying top dollar for lodging and waiting in long lines for popular sites. That said, it’s never hard to hop off the beaten path and have forests, fields and even beaches all to yourself. If you’re planning on visiting the Sierra Nevada high country, you have no choice but to wait until summer: roads above 8000ft (2450m) are often closed until late June or early July.


Spring (March through early May) is a marvelous time to visit California and perfect Conference Season. Temperatures are comfortable throughout much of the state. The hillsides are green, the air is fresh, and wildflowers are blooming. During these months, you’ll also encounter shorter lines and better deals: Many of the state’s top tourist attractions are still operating at a slower pace, and hotels often charge low-season rates until June. California’s desert areas are much more pleasant during spring than they are during the scorching heat of summer.


Fall (September through November) is another good time to beat the crowds, and it can be an especially beautiful time to see Northern California and the state’s wine regions. San Francisco, often shrouded in fog all summer long, sees some of its sunniest days during its “Indian Summer,” which generally lasts from September through October.

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