Top Tips For Planning a Global Conference


The perfect destination and venue can turn a good event into an unforgettable one. Depending on several factors the choice of destination and venue for your next Global Conference can vary greatly. Finding the perfect destination and venue can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. We have put together our top tips to consider when planning your next global conference and picking the perfect destination and venue.

1. Time of Year

Many countries have different peak times during which the best conference hotels and venues will be at full capacity. These will vary but, for a savvy global conference planner, this can be very valuable. If you are planning to travel, you can take advantage of traditionally quiet periods in prospective destinations, to obtain some excellent rates. have local offices in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. When you request a multi-destination proposal our local experts can advise you of the best times of year to book to get the best rates.

2. Number of Delegates

Depending on the number of delegates that you will have attending your conference, this can be a key deciding factor on where you can host your global conference. If you only have a few hundred delegates attending, you can choose a smaller destination that can create an intimate feel such as Lago Maggiore in Italy or Lyon in France. If you are expecting more than 1,500 delegates to attend then you will need to choose a more accessible city such as London, Madrid or Beijing that can handle bigger crowds and has the infrastructure in place to cater for large conferences.

3. Air Access

When choosing a destination and venue for a global conference you need to consider how your delegates are going to be able to reach the destination. If you have delegates coming from the US, Asia and from across Europe then a major city such as London, Frankfurt or Dubai would be the best option. Large cities have excellent direct air access with multiple locations from a variety of Airlines. They are relatively reasonable to travel to and also are within a few hours flight of most major capitals.

4. Environment

Most cities have large populations and are fast-paced environments. Depending on what sort of conference you want to hold and your aims for it, some cities may be more appropriate than others. If you are planning a global conference to excite and energise, then a modern, cosmopolitan city such as Dubai would be perfect. On the other hand, you may want to host a more laid-back, luxurious conference for a select number of people. In this case, a smaller, more intimate city could work better for the event.

5. Entertainment Activities

One of the key factors many conference organisers take into consideration is which destination will give your attendees the best experience. This includes as part of the conference and during their free time. Depending on the destination you choose, the variety of entertainment activities can differ greatly. If you choose a major inland city, there is normally a variety of museums, theatres, Michelin Star restaurants and a robust nightlife to choose from. A major coastal city offers all of this but includes beautiful marinas, beaches, and water activities. Smaller destinations offer boutique experiences and amazing venues that will offer unique activities and experiences that your delegates will remember for years to come. With the help of our local experts, you can create events and organize activities that your delegates will never have seen before.

6. Transportation

Depending on your conference requirements your delegates may be in one location, or in multiple locations across the city. Mass movements of people can be a complex task and before deciding on a destination for your next global conference you need to take into consideration how your delegates will move across the city. If it’s a smaller city with limited public transport you may need to organize private transport which will add to the cost of your conference. Many larger cities have excellent transportation infrastructure in place to cater for large conferences. Delegates may also want to explore the city and this will be easier if there is adequate transportation infrastructure in place.

Finding the perfect destination and venue does not have to be complicated. We offer Free venue-sourcing and contract negotiation services. Click here to find out more or submit a request.


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