8 Tips To Make Your Corporate Event Greener

Making your corporate event more sustainable means making decisions from the beginning of the event planning process that minimise the impact of the event on the environment. Organising a sustainable event can certainly be challenging but turning your corporate events green not only helps the environment it will also help your brand. As well as adhering to theĀ four principles of event sustainability, here are some extra things to consider when planning your event.

1.The Venue

By choosing a venue that has an effective eco policy you will save time and money from the beginning of the event planning process. Some venues and hotels will have energy saving technologies installed, recycle waste, save water and minimise food waste.

2.Single Use Plastic

Single-use plastics such as straws, packaging and cutlery are used once and thrown away. The majority of single-use plastic is ending up in our oceans and landfills. Only a fraction of single-use plastics is recycled. Refuse single-use plastics and ask your venue or supplier to provide glasses and jugs of water for your attendees.



Choose a venue with ample daylight – as well as providing a better experience for delegates it also saves electricity. You could also choose a venue with solar powered energy.



Order Bamboo lanyards for your delegates which are 100% compostable and ensure to have a recycling station for badges on the final day of the event.


If you are giving keepsakes to attendees, choose environmentally friendly products. You’ll be remembered for your originality and eco-consciousness.


Use spotlights and screens instead of signposts were possible – not only do they look cool, but it is also a lot less harmful to the environment than printing. You can also go completely paperless by creating a purpose-built App for attendees to use while attending your event rather than handing out paper schedules.


If your company holds multiple events a year, or the same event every year, save as much of your branded materials as possible for the next event. You’ll save costs and help the environment.


Organising interesting environmentally friendly activities for your delegates is a great way to communicate your eco-consciousness. Businesses are increasingly requesting alternative activities for their delegates during events. From educational Bee & Honey tours to visits to Windfarms, there is a trend of including an activity based on sustainability and the environment.

Most importantly, let your suppliers and attendees know of your attempts to reduce the footprint of your event and encourage them to do the same.

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