Why Brexit is Good for Conference Planners

Uncertainty around Brexit has led to over half of corporate event planners being concerned about the impact that Brexit will have on the events industry, however, the uncertainty has also presented an opportunity for corporate event planners to take advantage of the weak pound, low venue rates and availability.

The UK is consistently ranked as one of the top three global event destinations and continues to attract large amounts of business travellers every year. Hotels and venues have had to become more competitive in their pricing to secure bookings and to attract business into the UK in the midst of Brexit negotiations. By taking advantage of this, you can hold a world-class event at a lower price than ever before. For companies organising events from outside the European Union, you can take advantage of these low rates with very little risk as it is unlikely there will be changes in visa requirements or processes.

Generally, the event planning process starts one or two years in advance of an event. If you have left it to the last minute to organise your corporate event for summer 2019, the UK may be the ideal location. Hotels and venues in the UK are becoming increasingly accustomed to short lead times. Companies looking to avail of favourable rates are booking now for events before the new Brexit date in October 2019.

As we draw closer to the ever-changing leave date the UK remains one of the top destinations for many corporate events. Tourism and business travel continues to play a huge role in the British economy, contributing 9% of the total economic activity and maintaining the ability of UK citizens to freely travel to EU countries is of high importance to tourism boards and bodies.

Now is the time to avail of these low-rates, contact us today to talk to our venue sourcing experts who will provide the best proposals for UK venues. Request your free venue proposal today.


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