How to Select the Right Meeting Space

Finding the right meeting space can be a time-consuming task. Having an idea of what you need from your meeting venue will streamline the process. Narrow your focus by considering the following six factors.

1. Location

The venue you choose needs to be easily accessible to your attendees. The venue must have excellent transport links, free car parking and if your delegates are flying in to attend the meeting you will need to consider the air access. Ensuring your venue location is convenient will maximise attendance.

2. Space

Check which spaces are available to you during the course of the event. Do the capacity limits suit your delegate group size? Ensure the space won’t be too cramped or too empty depending on your attendance expectations. Check if there are any outdoor terraces or spaces that your delegates can make use of throughout the day for networking and breaks.

3. Daylight

Research has found the No.1 office perk is natural light and views of the outdoors. Choosing a meeting space with ample daylight can keep your delegates energised and engaged for the duration of the meeting.

4. Facilities

Before committing to a meeting space, it’s important to know which facilities are included and what standard they are. The strength of the WiFi, the spec of the Audio Visual and the performance of the Air Conditioning can make a significant difference to the success of your event.

5. Proximity

Choose meeting rooms that aren’t too far from the bathrooms, breakout areas and the main entrance to the venue. You don’t want your delegates getting lost in the venue moving from session to session.

6. What’s Included?

Before booking your event space, ensure you have a clear list of what is included in the spare hire and what is not. Check that all taxes, set up and break down fees, furniture rental fees have been discussed prior to confirming the venue. Discuss with the venue whether there are any restrictions such as no outside catering or time restrictions on events.

If you need help finding the right meeting space for your next corporate event, our local experts will be happy to help. We offer a free venue-sourcing service and an online booking system for smaller meetings. Get in touch today by emailing [email protected] or book your small meeting online.

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