Why Use a Venue-Sourcing Service?

One of our account managers, Gavin, has compiled the main reasons our clients use venuesworld.com free venue-sourcing service.

If you’ve ever organised a corporate event you will know it takes time and a lot of research. Finding the right venue and space for your event is critical to the event’s success. With so many hotels, independent venues and spaces out there, choosing a space can be overwhelming. Our venue sourcing experts can quickly and efficiently propose multiple destinations and venues to suit your bespoke event requirements.


Finding a venue for your next event is much more than a quick google search. It can be extremely time-consuming to research venues, contact the venues and get the information you are looking for. We pull together all the venue details and present them to you in a simple proposal format for your consideration. Most of our clients are given the task of organising an event in addition to their ‘day job’. Finding a venue can be the most difficult part, especially if you are unfamiliar with the destination. Our local teams save you this time by checking availability, providing advice on the best venues and location for your event and then collating this information into a single proposal, with all available options.


Our venue sourcing executives negotiate on your behalf with venues and hotels for competitive rates on sleeping rooms, meeting space, food and beverage and other costs. Our familiarity with a large volume of event spaces gives us the ability to quickly compare and ensure that you get the best value for money.


With over a decade of experience in the events industry, we have developed relationships with hotels, independent venues and suppliers. These working relationships mean we know who to call and when, for each event.

Short Lead Times

In a last-minute rush, you may consider choosing any venue that is available rather than finding the perfect venue. Our regular contact with multiple venues means we may know who will have availability at short notice. Executing a world-class event at the last minute can be a difficult task. Getting the right venue within a short lead time is an essential first step.


We spend time understanding your unique requirements and understand that no two events are the same. The more you use a venue sourcing agency, the more we will understand your unique requirements, allowing us to consistently save you time and money while providing exceptional events.

Save yourself time and money. Request a free venue sourcing proposal now and discover the best venues for your event.


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