Unusual Team-Building Activities

Team-building has become an integral part of corporate development in recent years. These activities are important not just for the immediate effect these experiences can have on teams, but also help develop group skills, improve communication and help promote strong relationships within teams. These are core competencies needed for most organisations as success is dependent on the ability of individuals to build effective teams. At venuesworld.com we also endeavour to turn team-building from a simple activity into a memorable experience.

Great team building activities help:

  • Boost morale and help develop leadership skills
  • Improve organisational productivity
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve team members ability to problem solve and work together

Every country has it’s own unique and exciting activity that can be used for team-building activities. Dependent on the landscape and environment these can vary from murder mystery days, escape rooms, outdoor adventures to chariot racing! We’ve put together so unusual team-building activities from around the world as chosen by some of our country offices.

Thailand – Bangkok’s Amazing Race

Thailand is an amazing country, with a history stretching back longer than most western civilisations. The country offers some amazing venues with fantastic value to be had. One unusual team building activity you will find in Thailand is “Bangkok’s Amazing Race”. This scavenger hunt type activity starts with a warm-up game to determine the teams. Once the teams have been selected, they are briefed and given the necessary equipment.

To start each team is given either activities or tasks they must complete to find the next point on the trail. Teams compete against each other to reach the final destination in the quickest amount of time. The actvities and tasks vary between physical or funny tasks such as photo hunts, speed boats races, Thai dance or even Thai boxing.

This team-building activity is great for teams as it helps develop teamwork, communication and leadership skills along with planning and problem-solving techniques. Best of all teams love Bangkok’s Amazing Race creating memories that will be talked about for years to come. To lean more about Thailand click here.

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Ireland – Flat Out Chariot Challenge

Ireland is amazing for outdoor team-building adventure activities, but sometimes weather may not permit. This is one of our favourite team-building activities to inspire innovation and creativity in a team.  This racy team-building challenge draws nearly a cinematic  response from teams as the race to create, build and the race chariots made entirely from cardboard and cable ties.

Using costumes inspired by the Romans and actors to excite and motitvate teams, all participants have to use excellent planning, organisation, communication and creativty skills as they race to complete their chariots against the clock. Each chariot is then styled and decorated by each team to highlight important team and company messages. In a exhilarating gladiator themed parade, all the teams face off against each other and race their chariots to be declared winner. This can be an amazing conclusion to any corporate event.

To find out more about this type of teambuilding activity contact our team in venuesireland.com here.


Singapore – The Dragon Boat Challenge

A Dragon boat is a human-powered boat that are traditionally made of teak wood. The boats come in various designs and sizes, but are commonly recognised by the iconic dragons head at the prow of the boat. These iconic boats date back to the third century B.C in China. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and many people in Sinagpore are descended from Chinese immigrants. This tradition has been adopted in Singapore and dragon boat races are traditionally held as part of the annual Duanwu Festival.

Whether it is for a casual or corporate activity, the sport of dragon boating has always been synonymous to the lessons of teamwork and team building. Dragon boating is an activity that consists of a group of people with one single goal, working together selflessly to achieve a communal objective of reaching the finish line. With this experience participants get work together, develop relationships, take part in an ancient tradition and get to see Singapore from a unique perspective in Marina Bay.

To find out more about the Dragon Boat Challenge in Singapore click here to contact the team.

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