praguePrague is one of the great romantic capitals of Europe, famed for its literature, politics, art and architecture, drama, and not least its beer!

The famous Jewish writer Franz Kafka (1883-1924) spent most of his life in Prague, where he wrote Metamorphosis, The Trial, and The Castle. Another Czech writer, Milan Kundera (born 1929), reached international fame with his novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being and is acknowledged as one of the world’s best contemporary writers. Many words in international use owe their origins to the Czech Republic, such as robot and bohemian, and this international literary importance can be felt throughout the city, whether in one of its cafes in the old quarter or in the Museum of Czech Literature.

Undoubtedly, Prague is a city to be enjoyed by foot, whether through the lesser town, the old town, or the new town. Below are some of the highlights:

* Prague castle – the largest ancient castle in the world, constructed in the 9th century by Prince Boøivoj
* The Lesser Town, founded in 1257, and lying on the slopes below the Prague castle
* Josefov, the Prague Jewish quarter and former Jewish ghetto, named after the emperor Josef II, whose reforms helped to ease living conditions for the Jewish
* Prague Old Town, first mentioned in 1091, although it gained the privileges of a town in the 13th century – it is dominated by the Old Town Square, the Church of Our Lady of Týn and the Town Hall.
* Prague New Town, founded by Charles IV in 1348, and containing the famous Wenceslas Square
* There are almost 1000 ancient castles lying in the hinterland of Prague
* Enjoy a cold Czech beer in one of the many historic bars and cafes in the capitals
* Savor a stroll through the city in the evening, when the local and international crowd mingle to create a truly bohemian feel
* Experience a night in one of the buzzing nightclubs the capital has to offer, or a traditional dance show or theater.

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