maastrichtThe southernmost and sunniest city in the Netherlands. Maastricht is a splendid fortified city of Roman origin set on the river Maas. The beautiful, unspoiled hillsides that surround Maastricht are home to famous vineyards and famed limestone caves, while the river Maas has an incredible complex of sluices at Ternaaien on the Belgian border.

Home to numerous international institutes, the internationally orientated city has all the joie de vivre of a cosmopolitan culture. With its countless caf├ęs, terraces, restaurants, fascinating shops and vibrant nightlife plus the ultra-modern Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Center (MECC Maastricht). Maastricht is a place where business easily mixes with pleasure.

Maastricht has for millennia been a key meeting point for European cultures and trading routes. Thanks to its position in the heart of Europe, Maastricht is easily reached by European motorways and rail links. Located at the southernmost tip of the Netherlands, where the Romans forded the River Maas, Maastricht has for millennia been a key meeting point for European cultures and trading routes. Today, the ancient fortifications make pleasant places to walk and Roman remains merge seamlessly with the structures of later ages.

Maastricht is known as the oldest town in Holland and its history stretches back to 50 BC when the Romans set up camp on the banks of the Maas river. Fortification walls still partly surround the city and are part of a city walk. The Basilica of Saint Servatius is a medieval cruciform basilica, the core of which dates from 1000 BC. Crypts from the 11th and 12th century have graves of Saint Servatius, the first bishop of Holland. The cathedral was considerably enlarged in the 14th and 15th century. A treasure house with an important collection of religious art objects is part of the basilica.

In the old city center, between Vrijthof square and the railway station, lie a wide variety of shops and department stores. Shopping is a delight in this city of stylish boutiques and fascinating antique stores, while the city also has a reputation for fine food and ambience. Brimming with joie de vivre, this ancient, cosmopolitan and sophisticated city enchants all its visitors.

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