Fall In Love With Italy For An Event

Autumn or Fall is a wonderful time to travel in Italy. Tourist crowds are thinning, prices and temperatures are dropping and some of the best products of the season hits the markets. For an Event Planner Autumn can be the perfect time to visit Italy for a variety of reasons including excellent rates, good flight access and beautiful weather. The team in venuesitaly.com have put together their favourite reasons to visit Italy for an event in Autumn.

  1. Find lower airfares and accomodation prices

Lower prices are one of the best things about Autumn in Italy. Due to cooler temperatures, lower prices begin to creep into the country at the end of Autumn and last through the winter except the Christmas period. It is important to remember that some destinations like Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast have higher prices until the start of October.


  1. Attend fall festivals and cultural events:

In the autumn, sagre or festivals celebrating local food or wine, pop up all over Italy. In the Fall there’s a festival for every taste depending on the town. Wine, chestnuts, chocolate, truffles, porcini mushrooms, fish, polenta are just samplings of the food that have their own festivals somewhere in Italy. If you are truffle lover, we suggest you the International Fair of white truffle in Alba which lasts from 7th of October to 26th of Novembr. Regarding cultural events,  there are some music and theater festivals in some cities like Rome and Florence.

  1. Head to the harvest:

Fall brings an abundance of mouth-watering products. Especially olives and grapes. In the last decade some vineyards and olive orchads have begun to allow visitors to help with the harvest. This is an authentic slice of traditional italian culture. If you are headed to Tuscany or Umbria, Fall is also the ideal season to go to vineyards for wine tastings and organized tours of the cellars.

  1. Experience the dramatic beauty of Italy in Fall

Italy is beautiful in every season but there’s something especially photogenic about the autumn colours, light, and even the rain. From the mountains in the north to the beaches in the south, and everything in between, autumn is an ideal time to admire the Mediterranean country as its best. Outside of the major cities you can discover hidden gems. It is easy to see why so many companies choose Italy for an event.

Our local teams know their home countries inside out. They have a wealth of experience and advice that can help you find the best venues across Italy. Finding the perfect venue for an event can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with a country or region. Our team in venuesitaly.com offer a free venue-finding service. They will find you the best venues, with the best rates gauranteed. Click here to request a bespoke proposal.

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