The Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

On Global World Meetings Day 2019 we reflect on the importance of face-to-face meetings in today’s digital landscape. Although technology plays a key role in connecting businesses, nothing beats a first impression, a handshake and networking among your peers.


The small talk that surrounds face-to-face meetings offers opportunities for people to learn more about their colleagues or clients. Virtual meetings don’t provide post and pre-meeting networking. Research by the Harvard Business review found that 95% of participants felt that face-to-face meetings are a key factor in successfully building and managing┬álong term relationships.

Idea Generation

A recent study found that teams in a face-to-face environment are far more creative than those participating in a virtual meeting. Being in a new environment and surrounded by colleagues is a sure way to stimulate ideas.

Authentic Trust Building Experience

Building authentic trust is especially important for global companies who need international teams to work together to achieve business goals. Creating good working relationships will improve efficiency and working relationships for global teams.


Inspiring your global team to get excited about an upcoming project can be tricky to do over email. Getting together can make it much easier to motivate teams and build a real sense of shared mission. Meetings that incorporate an aspect of team building and leisure is sure to leave your employees refreshed and motivated to get stuck into the project at hand.

Effective Communication

According to the 69% of people have admitted to browsing social media to pass the time during an audio only conference call. In a face-to-face meeting 100% attention can be devoted as there are no email notifications popping up on the desktop. It is easier for participants to focus on the meeting. Face-to-face meetings also provide a platform for instant feedback on ideas, plans and projects meaning that nothing is lost in translation.


Scheduling and attending a virtual meeting can be more convenient, however, there is certainly value in getting your team or clients together for a face-to-face meeting. Request your free venue sourcing proposal today to start planning your company’s next face-to-face meeting.


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