Unique Conference Destinations for Spring

Spring Conferences Destinations

“Spring is the time of plans and projects”

In the midst of a dark winter’s eve the thought of warm summer evenings are fading to the recesses of our minds, but Spring is only around the corner. Winter is an important planning season for the coming year, but already many of Europe’s Top Conference venues already being booked out. Even with years of experience in planning conference and events, choosing the next destination for your conference, meeting or event can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Local expertise can be essential in this search and can help you uncover destinations you may not have considered previously.

Unique Conference Destinations

Many conference planners will look towards major European conference destinations such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal for a conference destination. In recent years, with improvements in air access and the variety of top-class venues to choose from, alternative destinations have begun to grow in popularity. 2 such destinations that make wonderful Spring destinations are Holland and Poland.

Why Holland?

Amsterdam Spring Conference DestinationsHolland may be relatively small in size, but this compact country offers so many wonderful venues. The Hague is the home to the government and many international embassies, but Amsterdam is the Capital of the Netherlands. No matter where you go in the country, the people are warm and there is always a friendly atmosphere.

Holland comes alive in the Spring. The flowers begin to open up and many of the beach pavilions and terraces that were closed for the winter reopen. The Dutch love Spring and as soon as the first rays of sun hit the many terraces, they are full of people enjoying the mild weather. This gives many of the major cities in Holland an electric atmosphere that would energise and excite any visitor or conference attendee. The Dutch are famous for their hospitality and enthusiasm for welcoming international visitors.


Spring Conference Destinations

When you compare the facilities that Holland offers in comparison to many other countries, the country surpasses its neighbours. While compact in size Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol is one of the best connected in the world for local, regional and international flights. As the country is so compact with an excellent transport infrastructure it makes travelling around the country quick and easy. The Dutch cities offer a fantastic range of concerts, museums and other activities that ensure an enjoyable social programme. Finally, with such a wide range of venues and hotels, Holland can cater for nearly every budget. Find out more about the cities in Holland by clicking here for Amsterdam, The Hague and Maastricht or click here to contact our team in Holland.

Why Poland?

Poland is a country found in the east of Europe and is full of medieval architecture. Bordered by the Baltic Sea, the country is full of history, charm and intrigue. 14 UNESCO Heritage sites are found in Poland, enough to entertain even the biggest history fans.  The country has had a tumultuous past, but is now one of the world’s most stable countries, and transformed itself throughout the 21st century. Significant redevelopment has happened in the 3 main cities of Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

In Poland, the Polish people do not just have a Spring season. They have a “Przedwiośnie”, which is a pre-spring during March and April, then “Wiosna”, their actual spring during May and June. The main cities are filled with colour and post-modern buildings intersperse the medieval historical structures. The 3 main cities are thriving cultural centres ideal for any conference.

One of the best reasons to hold a meeting or conference in Poland during Spring is that some amazing hotels can be found in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw for a fraction of the price of their counterparts in other major destinations. With a historic atmosphere, charming people and many experiences that are unique to Poland, it’s easy to see why this destination has grown so much in recent years. To find out more about Krakow, Warsaw or other destinations, click here to contact our team in Poland.

With local expert teams in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, our teams can provide excellent recommendations. External influences can change what destinations are in demand. Our teams are here to help even the most seasoned event planners choose the perfect destination and find the perfect venue. Click here to contact us.



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